House of Leisure, The Place to Be

Gateway to Europe
Are you interested in expanding your business to Europe? House of Leisure welcomes you as our partner! House of Leisure is the Gateway to Europe for your business.

Located in the heart of all major Northwest European tourism attractions and theme parks, House of Leisure is a busines center consisting of only leisure related companies. The partner companies are all known for their expertise in the leisure industry.

The Netherlands is the 5th best economy in the world (source: Bloomberg) and also ranked No. 5 on the Global Innovation Index! We are fluent in English (90% of the Dutch people speak English) and we have an awesome business and tax climate. Just ask Tesla, Coca Cola, Huawei, Fujifilm, Heinz and hundreds of other multinationals thriving in Holland (

One Stop Shop
House of Leisure is a one stop shop for leisure operators. This means that all suppliers a leisure operator needs for its development or expansion can be found in our specialized business center.

A great variety of leisure entrepreneurs come together in House of Leisure, all complementing each other: research agencies, concept developers, a crowdfunding company, banks of commerce, architects, educational institutes, interactive technology companies, marketing/communication agencies, design & build companies, merchandise companies, catering organizations, even operators and much more!

House of Leisure connects its partners, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and governmental partners to leisure operators in Northwest Europe. Because of that, House of Leisure helps companies to grow within Europe and be a part of the supply chain of the Northwest European leisure industry.

Local hero(es)
The major tourist attractions of Northwest Europe are all a stone's throw away from House of Leisure. And so, House of Leisure is right in the center of new developments. In a 50 mile range, new and expanding developments are planned, most of which will be organized as a business case at the House of Leisure.

Together with the partner companies of House of Leisure these projects are fulfilled: all partner companies use their specialism, products/services and network in these initiatives. When you are located in House of Leisure, you are regarded a preferred partner for these new developments.

House of Leisure brings companies together to create new business and strenghten the network. Enforced by a knowlegde program, business development is stimulated and leisure entrepeneurs are supported in their ambitions. House of Leisure challenges its partners to work together and generate more business together.

Partners of House of Leisure are also approached when new products/services/initiatives are to be developed to enlarge the supply of the region. Due to specialized knowledge, business can be generated together and for each other: new business(es) arise(s) between leisure entrepreneurs.

Are you interested in House of Leisure as your Gateway to Europe? Benefit from our Soft Landing program:

  • Flexible housing conditions in an awesome 'leisure suppliers only' business center
  • Specialized support in finding the best representatives for your European subsidiary
  • One of the best Expat Centers in Northwest Europe
  • Interesting and highly competitive Dutch tax incentives
  • A great network of business and knowledge in the leisure industry
  • Large leisure developments within a two hour drive 

Please do not hestitate to contact us!

For more information please see the attached file: PDF icon1. House of Leisure, Gateway2Europe.pdf

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